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Sports & Entertainment

A trailblazer in the industry and endorsed by professional leagues, OES is a leading provider of scoring, timing, software, and renowned controller solutions, prominently featured in numerous venues for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA teams. Among the esteemed clientele are the Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, Golden State Warriors, Dallas Stars, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Michigan Wolverines, attesting to OES’s widespread recognition and trusted presence in the sports arena.

Each PCB board is meticulously crafted, upholding the highest standards of accuracy, thereby ensuring the reliability and excellence demanded by the exacting standards of the professional sports arena. This focus on detail underscores our dedication to providing not just a scoreboard but a technologically advanced and flawlessly engineered centerpiece for an exceptional sporting experience for both customers and fans alike. Setting the stage for an unparalleled game day experience, we specialize in manufacturing cutting-edge scoreboards, video displays, and scoreboard controller systems that mirror those employed by the NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA. Whether it’s a compact scoreboard highlighting essential game stats or a tailor-made scoreboard boasting a dynamic video display, our comprehensive range caters to diverse playing levels, facility sizes.

In the arena of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) tailored for the sports industry, precision and accuracy take center stage due to the vital role played in critical applications. Whether it’s scoreboards, video displays, or controller systems crucial for sports events, flawless electronic components are imperative, especially under the dynamic conditions of various sporting environments. The accuracy embedded in PCB design becomes important in tackling the distinctive challenges inherent in these applications, where factors like real-time data, varied environmental conditions, and stringent performance expectations come into play. Moreover, precise EMS work is essential to meet rigorous quality standards in manufacturing, ensuring that electronic components not only endure the demands of intense sports events but also contribute to the overall effectiveness and enhancement of the sports experience. Essentially, the meticulous design and manufacturing of PCBs play a pivotal role in upholding and elevating the essential services provided by the sports industry, enhancing the precision and reliability of electronic systems crucial for an immersive and seamless sports entertainment experience.