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Its never been done before experts

Our expertise in working across a wide range of industries and companies around the globe make us a natural partner for your EMS needs.

We know how to build strong partnerships to better understand your requirements, while providing solutions that help you reduce complexity, cost and risks. From transportation, defense and technologies, to healthcare and sports and entertainment we are here to help you bring your unique, mission-critical or game-changer product to market.

Industry Experience

Customers come to us with demanding timelines, technical challenges and often with products that have never been manufactured in volume before. It’s where our engineering and technical expertise shines. Here’s a at-a-glance look at a few of the diverse and exciting industries we have years of experience working in.


The defense industry is quite exciting but its challenges are many. To be successful, having a reliable EMS partner is critical. We're specialists in defense related electronic solutions. Our CGD / ISO9001-2015 registered facility produces highly engineered technical solutions from PCBAs to sub-components to complete box builds for mission critical applications.


We’re proud of our history of providing complex PCBA designs to the environmental sector. Mission critical applications in the fields of municipal drinking water, sewage treatment, and irrigation control systems require low to mid volume production runs along with superior engineering. We use our expertise in these areas to ensure important water-focused machinery works reliably in all conditions across the globe.


We work with leading companies to bring to market patient-wellness focused products and critical hospital equipment. As an in-demand and critical partner to the health industry, we supply printed circuit board assemblies and box build services for applications including hospital bed controllers, programmable breathing simulators, and radiotherapy systems.

Industrial & Instrumentation

Over our 40 years we’ve been part of developing solutions for some truly unique and innovative products. From sensing and measuring devices for the automotive market and control systems for grain handling, snow making to motion controllers for machining centers, there hasn’t been a project that stumped us yet. It’s this diversity that gives us unique insight and allows our engineering, hardware, firmware and electronic design teams to bring projects to market with speed.

Sports & Entertainment

A pioneer of in the industry and trusted by professional leagues, OES scoring, timing, software and renowned controllers solutions can be found in numerous venues for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA teams, including the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Blackhawks, Ohio State Buckeyes and Notre Dame Fighting Irish.


There is unprecedented pressure on the transportation industry to improve safety and efficiency. We’ve been part of helping industry partners bring innovative safety products to market including vehicle roll over devices to assist operators in recognizing when they are exceeding the safe operating limits of their vehicle; event data recorders for the rail industry providing vital information for incident investigations, and converting complex CanBus systems into space saving and cost saving PCBA controllers.

Our Patents and Industry Firsts

US Patent No. 5,841,675

Method and apparatus for monitoring quality of electrical wire connections.

US Patent No. 6,496,271

Wire and seal profile analyzer for in-process inspection of wire end.

US Patent No. 6,798,213

Circuit analyzer with integrated component testing capability.

US Patent No. 6,885,463

Sensor device that provides part quality and profile information.

US Patent No. 7,216,519

Strain monitoring for part quality analysis.

US Patent No. 7,333,906

Quality analysis including cumulative deviation determination.

US Patent No. 7,409,368

Dutch auction system with preregistered bid feature.

US Patent No. 7,409,368

Dutch auction system with preregistered bid feature.

US Patent No. 7,603,909

Piezoelectric polymer sensor device.

US Patent No. 7,719,695

Sensor device with a radiation directing surface.

US Patent No. 7,765,841

Quality analysis of the tube bending processes including mandrel fault detection.

US Patent No. 8,659,436

Vehicle operator alertness monitoring system.

US Patent No. 9,358,444

Display system including DC locally synchronized power line communication.

US Patent No. 9,880,213

Conductor monitor device and method.

US Patent No. 9,885,735

Sensor device that provides force versus acceleration information.

US Patent No. 9,945,892

Wire processing machine including a conductor monitor device.

Accomplish more with us

We provide the help you need to bring your product to life. From the design and engineering services to prototyping and manufacturing, we have the in-house EMS expertise you need.