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About Us

“It’s never been done before”… is what we do every day

For over 40 years we’ve been trusted advisors to companies and OEM’s across North America in search of EMS solutions to achieve a trailblazing vision or develop mission-critical solutions.

We produce electronic products across a wide range of industries including environmental, healthcare, automotive, and defense. Our team has designed, built and commercialized revolutionary products for customers around the world including municipal and industrial water treatment systems, automated irrigation control systems, healthcare control products, hospital bed controllers and breathing simulators.

Our world-class engineering and manufacturing expertise make us a leader in offering innovative EMS solutions to our customers.

  • Hospital workers pushing bed down a medical building hallway.
  • Close up of hands fixing a circuit board.
  • Yellow train with lots of cargo heading towards the camera.

One Stop for Electronic Design & Manufacturing Services

Look to us for design, engineering, prototyping, production, and assembly expertise. We believe in being a strategic, collaborative partner enabling you to provide distinctive solutions for your customers.  Whether it’s a turnkey EMS solution, prototype design, or contract manufacturing project our history as a leader in EMS will benefit you where and when you need it most.

Reduce Your Risk

Using an experienced EMS partner significantly reduces the risk within your project. With hundreds of successful applications delivered, we know what’s required to avoid pitfalls and costly delays. Having “been there, done that” you can rely on our extensive expertise to get you to market in a way that exceeds your expectations.

Adjust Capacity Immediately

With an array of EMS capabilities under one roof  it’s easy for us to be nimble and immediately adjust capacity when your project demands it. Our state-of-the-art facility, equipment assets and inventory are at your disposal. You also have access to our supply chain partners. Instantly ramp up or down with a simple phone call – helping keep fixed costs low without sacrificing capacity.

Augment Your Team

To capitalize on market possibilities, quick and effective design, prototyping and manufacturing are critical. Extend your existing development team with the perfect combination of OES engineering and manufacturing expertise. You keep focused on what you do best while our talented teams work to minimize bottlenecks, improve your throughput, shorten lead times and increase margins.