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PCBA Services

From dreaming, design, prototyping, software engineering to production, OES EMS can assist with every step of your design and manufacturing journey. We specialize in rapid prototyping, printed circuit board assembly, and PCBA electronic manufacturing services:

  • PCBA prototype design
  • PCBA manufacturing
  • PCBA assembly
  • PCBA prototype board(s)

And we do it all in-house, so we know it’s done right.

Need a PCBA prototype? Create an account with OES EMS to build and order PCBAs.

Instant PCB Builder: Design, Quote, Order

Project file being uploaded into OES Instant PCB Builder where people can customize and receive shipping data and pricing in an instant.

  1. PCB Project Files (ODB++, Gerber, Xlxs And Csv files Supported)
    PCB Project Files (ODB++, Gerber, Xlxs And Csv files Supported)
  2. Instant PCB Builder
    Instant PCB Builder
    1. Add Board Layers And Drills
      Add Board Layers And Drills
    2. Choose Board options & Placements
      Choose Board Options & Placements
    3. Source Parts
      Source Parts
    4. Select Quantity & Desired Build Time
      Select Quantity & Desired Build Time
    5. Receive estimated shipping data and pricing—in an instant!

Your Next Step

You’re only one team of unstoppable engineers away from your next finished prototype board.

We can help you overcome hurdles and avoid inflated costs, inefficient designs, and lengthy delays.

Build Your PCBAs Online

Over 40 Years of Rapid Electronic Prototyping

For over 40 years, OES EMS has been perfecting rapid electronic prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly. We’re fast, focused, and flexible, so we can finish the work sooner—without ever compromising on quality. We accelerate innovation.

Not sure if your idea has a future? Let’s find out, fast.

Do you have an idea for a product requiring a PCBA?

We ready to support you at every stage of the product commercialization process, from conception and prototyping to engineering, production and assembly.

"We would like to thank Jeff Stewart and his team at OES Inc. for their support to bring BioCloud to the market. We have moved from prototype to field units to building product in a short period of time. The OES Inc. team has matched our effort and our urgency all the way through the process."

Consult With Our Engineers Today With A Free Project Review

No matter what stage you’re at in your design or manufacturing journey, we’re here to talk with – confidentially and with no obligation.

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