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Concept and Design

With 40 years of electronic engineering expertise, OES Manufacturing exists to make your ideas a reality—quicker than you thought possible.

Throughout the product ideation stage, OES Manufacturing can help you avoid inefficient designs, inflated costs, and needless delays with fresh, focused thinking. Our nimble engineering team applies decades of specialized experience to determine whether your idea could be viable and marketable.

Whether you’re looking for a turnkey solution or a collaborative joint development partner, we bring excellence in concept and design.

Go from idea, to prototype, to market…faster.

Map Out Your Product Vision

Be bold, brave, and relentlessly curious. Uncover unexpected design thinking with a collaborative creative process that engineers the future.

Identify Potential Obstacles

Discovering what doesn’t work is equally as important as finding out what does. We’ll help you challenge assumptions, reframe obstacles as opportunities, and proactively work through problems.

Explore New Angles & Perspectives

Go beyond obvious solutions to increase your product idea’s innovation potential. With decades of industry experience, we can provide valuable learnings from past projects.

Make Market-Leading Products

Let’s bring your idea to market, faster. Our state-of-the-art production facility is home to every electronic prototyping and manufacturing capability you could need—all under one roof.

Not sure if your idea has a future? Let’s find out, fast.

"We would like to thank Jeff Stewart and his team at OES Inc. for their support to bring BioCloud to the market. We have moved from prototype to field units to building product in a short period of time. The OES Inc. team has matched our effort and our urgency all the way through the process."

Get A Free Project Review

No matter what stage you’re at in your design or manufacturing journey, we’re here to talk with – confidentially and with no obligation.

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Your one stop EMS partner

We ready to support you at every stage of the product commercialization process, from conception and prototyping to engineering, production and assembly.